An educational project that makes art galleries, and the artwork in them, accessible to all.

Art galleries are a useful educational resource. We help the communities to understand them as well as incorporate them into everyday life. These are spaces that help build awareness of aesthetics, stimulate creativity and imagination, and develop critical thinking.

Our programs create community work networks in each district and cities that facilitate participation and co-operation and empower those communities.

This project opens a new window in artistic education and can be developed in a multitude of places, across a number of exhibition spaces and for diverse audiences.


Around the corner is an educational project that enables various audiences to discover and have artistic and social encounters with art galleries , offering freely accessible cultural alternatives in their districts and cities.

We introduce the work of emerging artists to a wider public, as well as the different art disciplines in which they work.

Our work is based on dialogue. This promotes learning.

We promote dialogue that is supportive, egalitarian and involves the co-operation of those that participate in our activities.


  • Dialogic learning in art galleries and art workshops
  • Dialogic practices based mainly on participation.
  • Experimentation in arts and fine art through play, aimed at developing creativity, imagination and critical thinking.
  • Reflection-action-reflection: Understanding transformed and transformation understood.


We design and carry out activities that have a common structure: visits that are based on dialogue and art workshops.

Dialogue visits take place in art galleries with educators and artists acting as mediators between the artwork and the public.

Subsequent workshops use the reflections and learning acquired in art galleries as a reference and stimulus. Participants carry out activities based on artistic exploration and play, both individually and in groups.


  • Education centres (all stages)
  • Adult centres
  • Occupational centres
  • Associations for minors at risk of social exclusion
  • Over 65s and cross-generational
  • Families and children
  • Companies


  • Art camps.
  • For all ages all year round. (One group per week.)
  • Tours of art galleries and workshops. Mornings, afternoons and weekends.
  • Unique projects with cultural Institutions and art galleries.


  • Teachers of formal and non-formal education.


The Around the corner team comprise professionals in art and education sharing a common interest: the desire to make exhibition

spaces freely accessible to all inhabitants of any city and to discover artwork not known to the wider public. For this we design and implement programmes that allow us to accompany people in the creative and critical reflection and learning that they can embark on and develop there. Workshops are led by artists and educators from various disciplines and specialist areas, selected in accordance with the type of workshop being given, so that they can give insight and added value to the proposal.

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